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World Heritage
'Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations.' - United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
Sabah's Mount Kinabalu

Sarawak's Mulu National Park

A World Heritage Area is an area that has been assessed by an international committee to have outstanding universal natural and/or cultural values; they are considered to be the most priceless and irreplaceable locations on earth because of their natural beauty, importance in human history and culture, or their scientific value.

As one of the World Heritage Convention member countries, Malaysia is committed to the protection of such areas. The Island of Borneo is blessed with two World Heritage Sites in Malaysia:-

  1. Sabah's Mount Kinabalu, the richest and most remarkable assemblage of flora and fauna in the world

  2. Sarawak's Mulu National Park, the world's largest cave chamber and the world's most extensive cave system with razor sharp limestone pinnacle

At Sabah's Mount Kinabalu, visitors will have opportunities to experience the World's Highest and Asia's First Mountain Climbing Via Ferrata

Come and join us to protect these priceless and irreplaceable locations on earth.

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Below are some of our standard tour packages and itinerary for your reference. Please feel free to mix and match these packages, otherwise check out our Private Collection of Customized Tours for a suitable itinerary or request us to design one especially for you.

 Products / Tours Packages Duration Code  
1. Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs (Ex Kota Kinabalu) Day Trip BKI/1D/KPPHS View
2. 2D1N Mt Climbing Via Ferrata - LOW'S Peak Circuit (Ex Kota Kinabalu) 2D1N BKI/2D/F-LowPeak View
3. 2D1N Mt Climbing Via Ferrata - Walk The Torq Package (Ex Kota Kinabalu) 2D1N BKI/2D/F-WTT View
4. 2D1N Kinabalu Summit via Timpohon Gate (Ex Kota Kinabalu) 2D1N BKI/2D/MT-TG View
5. 3D2N Mt Climbing Via Ferrata - LOW'S Peak Circuit (Ex Kota Kinabalu) 3D2N BKI/3D/F-LowPeak View
6. 3D2N Kinabalu Park / Kinabalu Summit via Mesilau Gate (Ex Kota Kinabalu) 3D2N BKI/3D/MT-MG View
7. 3D2N Mulu National Park (Ex Mulu) 3D2N MZV/3D/Showcaves View
8. THE PINNACLES (Ex Mulu) 4D3N MZV/4D/Pinnacles View
9. 5D4N Headhunters' Trail (Ex Mulu) 5D4N MZV/5D/Headhunter View
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