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There are still so much to learn and observe of our Borneo's biological richness. The information provided in this website is at best merely a tip of a very large iceberg.

While great care has been taken in the compilation of all the information contained herein, we may have inadvertently made some mistake or omission. Do let us know as we really would like to learn and improve from you.

Our team at ABC Tours is neither biologist nor scientist. We are also not technical person. We are only a group of individuals which appreciate the flora and fauna of Borneo. We also understand how fragile this natural environment of ours.

In the process of information gathering, we make used of lots of books, surf a lot of internet for relevant information and collecting data, as well as discussion and exchanging information with a number of friends. A note of thanks to all.

Some of the books that we used extensively as backbone and reference are as follows:-

"Wild Borneo" by Nick Garbutt & Cede Prudente, New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd
"Sipadan Mabul Kapalai" by Jason Isley, et al, Natural History Publications (Borneo)
"This is Borneo" by Payne, et al, New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd.
"The Natural History of Orang-Utan" by Elizabeth L. Bennet, Natural History Publications (Borneo)
"Nudibranch Behavior" by Behrens, David W, New World Publications, 2005.

For some of you who may want to know more about Borneo's exotic and diversified flora & fauna, do take hold of the above books. Let us know if you can not find them in your local bookstore or We can arrange to send a copy to you.

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