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Diving @ Mataking Island

The Island

This is one of the newer dive spot in the Celebes Sea located just 40 minutes from Semporna. Luxurious accommodation in this island comes with balcony overlooking the sea and en-suite bathroom. There are about 30 dive sites around Mataking and its surrounding islands of Pandanan, Timba Timba and the Tun Sakaran Marine Park islands of Bohey Dulang and Gaya. The 3 well-known sites to divers that surround Mataking are Magic Rick, Mantis Reef and the Alice Wall.

The Alice Channel which is about 100 metres deep connects Mataking to Sipadan Island offering both macro and pelagic diving for divers at the island. Guests are also given option to dive in Sipadan (45-minutes boat ride away). Encounters with barracuda, stingray, green turtle, colourful corals fishes, Trevally, Spanish mackerels, Ribbon eels, giant clams, Dogtooth tuna and so on are common sight during your dive. Recently whale shark was reported to be seen just a few feet away from the resort’s jetty.



Diving at Mataking

Sun seekers will like the stretch of white sandy beach that surround Mataking Island and for ladies, the outdoor mangrove spa set amidst rustic pools and mangrove tress is another irresistible luxury around here. A watchtower provides a wonderful view of the island and its surrounding sea.

The island is a short 40 minute ride east of Semporna where the peace and solitude of the luxury Reef Dive Resort awaits you. From Mataking you can enjoy convenient, hassle-free and diverse macro-diving as well as the daytrips to world-famous Sipadan which is 80 minutes speedboat ride away.

Mataking Besar Island

Mataking Kecil Island

Snorkeling at Mataking


The area around Mataking has been declared a marine protected area, so some of the affected reef might recover, given time and adequate rehabilitation. A coral reef conservation and rehabilitation project has been established at Mataking Reef Dive Resort together with Inno Fisheries Sdn.Bhd. This innovative pilot scheme that associates a dive resort and a mariculture company is a first in the southeast, off shore island regions of Semporna, Sabah.


Dive Spots

Dive Fact Sheet Mataking Island

What to expect : Macro life
Average Visibility : 8 - 25 m
Average water temperature : 25 - 29 °C
Depth : 5 - 35 m
Mataking Dive Sites : Turtle Playground, Hump Head Point, Sweet Lips Rock, Shipwreck Post, House Reef, Magic Rock, Eel Garden, Garden of Eden, Coral Garden, Nudibranch Heaven, Lobster Lair, D'Wall
Must dive : Bohayan

Getting There

Malaysia Airlines operates daily flights from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. Airasia operates daily flights from Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. From Tawau airport continue the journey by a 1-hour drive to Semporna town. Speedboat transfer is from the Semporna jetty to Mataking Island, takes about 45 minutes.


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