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Sabah's Tenom Agricultural Park

Tenom Agricultural Park is one of the most exciting man-made parks found in Borneo, located 3 hrs drive from Kota Kinabalu. The park is set against a background of truly natural landscape with lush greenery of the Crocker Range which creates a picture of a beautiful natural park all around.

The Park is a sprawling 500-acre establishment, administered and owned by the Sabah Agriculture Department and is part of the 1,500-acre Lagud Sebrang Agriculture Research Station. The park was officially launched in March 2001. 

Home to a myriad of parks, research centres, lakes and farms, the Sabah Agriculture Park is a colourful paradise of flora and fauna. The Park is home to various gardens with the Ornamental Garden being one of the most frequented.

A version of nature’s paradise, the garden has 21 mini gardens, such as the Bougainvillea Court, Hibiscus Garden and Lily Glade. The flowers are often in full splendour and there is nothing more memorable than a stroll in the park surrounded by cascading and colourful blooms. Also worth a visit is the Evolution Garden which showcases the different stages of plant evolution from as far as 4.5 billion years ago.

Rare Plants Tenom Agricultural Park

Orchids Tenom Agricultural Park

Slipper Orchids Tenom Agricultural Park

The Giant Water Lily (Victoria amazonica), one of the main attractions of the park, is found here. The floating lily is so huge that it can hold objects up to 30kg in weight.

The Native Orchid Centre here is recognised worldwide for its indigenous Borneo Orchid collection and is reputedly to be the largest in this region. It is home to some 400 of 1,500 orchid species found in the island of Borneo, including the rare and endangered Elephant Ear Orchid (Phalaenopsis gigantea), Rat Tail Orchid (Paraphalaenopsis labukensis, P. denevei ), Slipper Orchid ( Paphiopedilum sanderiaum, P. lowii & P. stonei ), Giant Orchid (Gramatophyllum speciosum) and the Rose Orchid (Dimorphorchis rossii) are among the pride of the Native Orchid Garden.

The Bee Centre is a must-visit, having gained the reputation for being one of the best Bee Research Centres in the world. As a testament to this, the centre was the chosen venue for the filming of a BBC Natural History Unit documentary, hosted by world renowned naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. Four out of the nine bee species recorded in the world are found here.

The Native Fruit Orchard will introduce you to lesser known fruits such as the Pangi, Takob-Takob and Peruput, unique to this part of the world.

The attractions are endless and many visitors even opt to stay overnight in order to fully explore the park. Apart from the numerous gardens, visitors can also enjoy freshwater fishing or drop by the Animal Park. In the evening, cycle around the park, go boating or take a hike along the many trails found here.

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Getting There
Tenom is located 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu City.