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Diving @ Layang Layang Atoll

The Island

Layang Layang when translated means "Swallow's Reef" (although there are no swallows present) is fast becoming another of Malaysia's premier dive destinations after the world-famous Sipadan Island. Located in waters 2,000 metres deep, Layang Layang is an atoll of 13 linked coral reefs.

This oceanic atoll is situated in the South China Sea about 300 kilometers North West of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah.

The little land mass of only 14 sq km supports a luxurious 90-room dive resort and a Malaysian Naval base. The western side of the atoll is home to nesting colonies of brown boobies and great crested, scooty and noody terns.

 Diving at Layang Layang

 School of Jacks

Hammerhead Sharks

The marine life here enjoy total isolation from human encroachment. Its pristine walls with outstanding underwater visibility of an average of 20-40 metres all year round bears testimonial to its heritage. Layang Layang is a wall diving mecca. The ocean floor drops to an amazing 2000 metres from the edge of the atoll. The combination of deep water and pristine walls attracts big fish galore. One of Layang Layang 's famous resident is the Hammerhead sharks. Big school of these rarely seen oceanic sharks congregate here, their silhouettes dramatically plastering the clear blue water with a "hammerhead wallpaper". Not less spectacular are the occasional appearances of dolphins and a turtle or two swimming gracefully around you. And it's not surprising to find yourself being surrounded by schools of Jacks.

Another major attraction of diving in Layang Layang is the feeling of frontier diving and you could see almost anything. Every dive brings some new surprises - whether it's a dogtooth or a fantastic forest of gorgonian fans. The exceptionally clear water has promoted superb coral growth, and the craggy walls are a mass of soft coral and sponges.


The resort practices a strict environmental conservation policy and requires all divers to agree to its Reef Conservation Policy set up under its Environmental Conservation Programme.

Dive Spots

Dive Fact Sheet Layang Layang Island

What to expect : Hammer sharks, whale sharks, wall dives and reef life
Average Visibility : 20 - 40 m
Average water temperature : 25 - 30 °C
Depth : 5 - 40 m
Number of dive site

: 13 -  Valley, Wrasse Strip, Crack Reef, Navigator Lane, Gorgonian Forest, The Point, Dog Tooth Lair, Wreck Point, New Channel, Tunnel, Runway, Snapper Ledge, D'Wall.

Must dive : Dog Thooth Lair and Gorgonian Forest

Getting There

The nearest kick-off point to Layang Layang Island is Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where a private charter company flies clients to Layang Layang.

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