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Flora of Borneo
'This is a tropical paradise by any definition of the term.' David J. Bellamy, The Conservation Foundation, London, 1994

'From any perspective, Borneo is one of the most important centres of biodiversity in the world. It teems with wildlife that is the envy of other places, yet we know for sure that there are still literally thousands of plants and animals still to be discovered.' Tengku Datuk Zainal Adlin, Vice-President Emeritus, WWF-Malaysia, 2006


Tropical forests are the home of the greatest biological diversity on the planet, supporting well over half the globe's species of plants and animals on only a little over five percent of the total land area.

Borneo's Tropical rainforest is known as a botanical garden on a grand scale - with a collection of some of the rarest, most exotic and most prolific plants on earth!

Coastal and Mangrove Forest

Dipterocarp Forest

Heath forests and limestone forests

Borneo's forest is divided into four broad categories of vegetation type of habitat:

  1. Coastal and Mangrove Forest
    Coastal forest includes mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest, riverine forest and beach vegetation. These types of habitats are found from zero to 100 feet above sea level. The distribution is all along the coast and on major rivers in Sabah.

    Mangrove forests and swamp forests are important breeding grounds for fish and provide nesting and roosting sites for wetland birds such as egrets and herons. They are critical for the survival of Borneo's famous Proboscis Monkey

  2. Dipterocarp Forest
    This type of habitat is sub-divided into three categories: The Lowland Dipterocarp Forest (100 - 500 feet above sea level), Upland Dipterocarp Forest (500 - 1,500 feet above sea level) and Highland Dipterocarp Forest (1,500 - 3,000 feet above sea level). Dipterocarp Forests are among the most diverse ecosystems on earth, and are home to most of Sabah's unique and famous wildlife species, such as orangutan and rhinoceros.

  3. Heath forests and limestone forests
    These are special lowland forest types. Although these forests may be low in stature, they are rich in unique plant species, for e.g. the carnivorous Nepenthes plants.

  4. Montane Forest
    Montane forest is sub-divided into Lower Montane Forest (3,000 - 4,500 feet above sea level) and Upper Montane Forest (4,500 - 11,000) feet above sea level). Many rare and restricted range species occur in these unique habitats.
Conservative estimates that Borneo contains more than 15,000 plant species.

Borneo's rainforests are the lungs of the globe, producing disproportionately high amount of our planet's oxygen and maintaining a healthy, balance atmosphere to buffer and controls our world's climate. As the authors of "Wild Borneo", Nick Garbutt & Cede Prudente, put it succinctly, "Without rainforests, this delicate balance is terminally disrupted : without rainforests we could not breathe : without rainforests we die."

Join us in your journey to preserve these rainforests. Assist us in preserving the rainforests that we all depend on for our very existence.

A brief introduction and overview of major flora's parks of Borneo is as follows:-

  1. Sabah's Danum Valley Conservation Area, One of the world's foremost tropical rainforest research and environment education center

  2. Sabah's Mount Kinabalu, the richest and most remarkable assemblage of flora and fauna in the world

  3. Sabah's Rafflesia Rainforest Reserve, The world's largest flower

  4. Sabah's Tenom Agricultural Park, Preserving and showcasing Borneo's Plant Kingdom

  5. Sabah's The Maliau Basin & Imbak Canyon, the "Lost World" of Borneo

  6. Sarawak's Bako National Park, Sarawak's oldest national park

  7. Sarawak's Gunung Gading National Park,

  8. Sarawak's Lambir Hills National Park, Incredible diversity - 1,100 tree species dwelling within a 50-hectare plot!

  9. Sarawak's Mulu National Park, the world's largest cave chamber and the world's most extensive cave system with razor sharp limestone pinnacle

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3. Day Trip Gunung Gading-Rafflesia (Ex Kuching) Day Trip KCH/1D/GG View
4. 4D3N Danum Valley Tropical Rain Forest (Ex Lahad Datu) 4D3N LDU/4D/Danum View
5. 5D4N Tabin Wildlife Reserve & Danum Valley Tropical Rain Forest (Ex Lahad Datu) 5D4N LDU/5D/Danum View
6. 3D2N Niah Caves & Lambir National Park (Ex Miri) 3D2N MYY/3D/NiahLambir View
7. Sepilok Orangutan, Sun Bear and Discovery Rainforest Centre (Ex Sandakan) Day Trip SDK/1D/RDC Sepilok View
8. 5D4N Maliau Basin - The Lost World (Ex Kota Kinabalu) 5D4N TWU/5D/Maliau View
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